5 Scariest Mieruko-chan ghosts

So Mieruko-chan has been a bit of a surprise as it has horror aspects, but functions more of a comedy. The “ghosts” are very creepy and scary though despite the fact the anime is more comedy and ecchi feeling.

So I will be showing you 5 of the scariest ghosts from episodes 1-7. I may do a part 2 for the rest of the episodes, but time and feedback will tell.

Be warned you will see some scary images, so if you are easily scared don’t look at this post.

So here are 5 of the scariest ghosts from Mieruko-chan.

5.Handsy Ghost

4. School Girl Ghost

3. Tunnel Ghost

2. Bathroom Long Neck Ghost

1. Bus Stop Ghost

These are 5 of the Scariest ghosts in Mieruko-Chan. Let me know if you want a part 2 or if you want something else covering Mieruko-Chan.

Also any Donations will help me and the future of this blog

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