What a Perfect Dr. Stone Game Could Look Like.

So Dr. Stone is a personal favorite anime of mine and has a very interesting concept that would make a cool game. So lets see my proposal for a perfect Dr. Stone game.

The Story

The story could be a recreation of the anime so far or it could do an original story. If it is a recreation of the anime then it would start at the school where Senku and everyone else gets turned to stone. Then it will cut to the next part where Senku waks and starts his journey to rebuild humanity. The Story would be semi open world with you playing as Senku. You would be able to collect resources to craft new items, weapons, traps, etc. You should be able to build up your kingdom so you can fight your enemies and you can recruit people to your side to help you. To me this would make an optimal story and should make it fun to play and replay. If the story is original then it would play the same exept you would be a different character and the storyline would change a little.

The Online

The online could have 2 modes. The first mode could be a mode similar to the game Rust where its a server that has a set amount of people and those people can craft and make bases to fight others. The server would be up 24/7 so you can play anytime and work on your weaponry and bases whenever you want. There should be a variety of weapons to choose from. You would be able to make alliances and make vehicles and stuff like that. This would be the main mode that people would play, but they can have other modes too. Another mode would be a PvP battle area where it would be around a 4v4 or 5v5 and everyone would have stone age weapons and would fight like a TDM. A feature of this mode could be upgrading your weapons during the match with materials you find around the map. There should be other modes, but this should definitely be a mode.


Dr. Stone is a very popular anime, so its not unlikely that it would get a game that comes to consoles and PC. The problem is getting the right developers with the right ideas to make a game that’s worth even buying let alone playing for hours on end.

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