What a Perfect 86 Game Would Look Like.

So 86 is becoming a very popular anime, so I decided to make a blueprint of a perfect 86 game.

So lets just hop straight into it.

The Story

The story of this game IMO should be a original story that follows a original group of EIghty Six and either Vladilena or a new original Handler. It can go through multiple fights and a back and forth between the handler and the Eighty Six. It should cover how the Eighty Six feel about the handler and their comrades dying. Then it can go multiple ways after that.

Hopefully the Story would have at least 5 hours worth of content.

The PvE

There should be a fleshed out PvE mode where you and a couple of other people(Bots or Real People) fight with Eighty Six from the anime and the story mode or your own created character. The mode should have your robots customizable and the Legion varied. They should have different missions and an endless mode.

This mode should have a similar feel to Call Of Duty Zombies, but it will feel different since its robots v robots.

The Online

The Online should have a couple of gamemodes.

One of the gamemodes would be Eighty Six vs Eighty Six. This would feel similar to your average shooter game. There would be a variety of maps, lots of guns to choose from, and maybe some other weapons or gameplay mechanics to make it feel different and better.

Another mode should be Mechs vs Mech where there are robots involved. The mode would be similar to Titanfall, but the robots and the movement would be different along with different weapons and maps would make it different enough from titanfall.

Another mode should be where you play as a handler and command eighty six and the fight happens on a screen in game. It would be unique in the sense that you wouldn’t see any fighting happening. You would only be able to see the results of your choices. You would make a call for your group of 86 and your enemy would make their call for their group of 86 and then the “battle” would happen and you would see the results on your screen. I feel like a mode like this if done correctly could be one of the most unique functioning PvP modes in games period.

The Verdict

If a game like this was to come out I would be on board, but it’s unlikely that this would ever happen. This was only a light rough draft, but if anyone wants to make a game out of this idea I would be down to see how it goes. Let me know what you thought about this idea and what you would change or add to it.

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Also any donations will help me and the blog

2 responses to “What a Perfect 86 Game Would Look Like.”

  1. Would love to see an original Maverick 86 Processor Character who has excellent battle skills, excellent bravery, hates teamwork, hates following teammate commands, is introverted, has no friends & prefers to eat alone.


  2. Something like super mecha champions


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