10 Strongest Student Powers In Welcome To Demon School Iruma-Kun

So welcome to demon school Iruma-kun is mostly focused on the comedy and social aspect of the school, but fights happen often which showcases the bloodline powers of the students.

This list will exclude teachers and other non-students. It will exclude Iruma since his powers are from his grandad. I will be ranking them on power and potential. And I’m basing this off of season 1 and 2 of the anime.

So with those restrictions out of the way lets look at the list!


Agares Picero: My Area

Number 10 is Picero. He has the bloodline ability to manipulate the ground and anything the user perceives as “ground”. This means that he basically can control the earth to his liking.

At his current level he isn’t the strongest, but as he gets older and trains more he can have powers similar to Jura Neekis from Fairy Tail or maybe even Gaara from Naruto.


Caim Kamui: Translation

Number 9 is Kamui. He has the bloodline ability to talk to and command creatures. This ability lets him control all different types creatures that live in the demon realm.

If he got strong enough there could be a chance that he could use his ability on familiars. If he was able to take control of other’s familiars then he would be a force to reckon with.


Ix Elizabetta: Favorability

Number 8 is Elizabetta. She has the power to attract men around her using her own scent. I think this one is self explanatory.

If she can control men around her then she could in theory have a whole army of men with abilities that fight for her. Now a little immoral, bur doesn’t take away how much power she could hold.


Shax Lied: Controller

Number 7 is Lied. His bloodline ability is the power to steal one of someone’s senses. This ability may seem kinda weak at first, but stealing someone’s sight during a fight puts them a huge disadvantage.

He also has higher senses than everyone else so if you were to fight him you would be dealing with someone who can take your sight, hearing, smell, etc from you while at the same time has better sight, hearing, feeling etc. It would make a hard battle for anyone.


Valac Clara: Summon

Number 6 is Clara. She has the bloodline ability to recreate or summon anything she has seen from a pocket in her skirt. This means any weapon she can have at her disposal.

Her power has limitless options. She could become a very powerful demon if she learns to be more combat focused. She could even be higher up on the list, but I feel like this is a solid spot for her.


Gaap Goemon: Kamaitachi

Number 5 is Goemon. Goemon has the bloodline ability to create invisible blades of wind. He usually uses it for a sword, but can use it for other things. This ability has lots of potential since we all know swordsmen in anime are very powerful .

Also since these are wind blades there is a chance that he could just downright fully control wind. If he had full control over wind and a strong wind sword he would be a force to be reckoned with.


Crocell Kerori: Ice Surface

Number 4 is Kerori. She has the bloodline ability to adjust the temperature of water which means ice powers. If you’ve seen anime you know ice users are some of the stronger characters in their respective series(Grey, Aokiji, Todoroki,etc).

Ice is one of the powers that is so powerful while simultaneously being so versatile. Ice has high offense and defense. It also just has other conventional uses.


Sabnock Sabro: Weapon Creation

Number 3 is Sabnock. Sabnock has the bloodline ability to make weapons out of whatever material he’s biting. So he carries around 3 small plates of metal(copper, silver, and gold) that are around his neck for easy access.

If he was to get access to stronger materials and learns how to use weapons better he would be near unstoppable.


Asmodeus Alice

Our second to last is Alice. He uses powerful fire magic which is one of the most common and most powerful abilities throughout anime. He could end up like Natsu, Madara, Ace, etc. Really powerful inspirations.

He also has a powerful familiar which also uses fire, so the poor soul who chose to fight him would have to deal with 2 powerful fire users attacking them.


Azazel Ameri: Romanticist(King of Delusions)

The student council president Ameri is the final pick. She has the ability to draw out her power the more she believes in her own strength. This means the more stronger she gets and the more she believes the more unstoppable she becomes.

That’s my list, but let me know what you thought about the list and what you would change about it.

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