Marvel Eternals: A Movie That Sets Up New Characters

The new Marvel Eternals has released and has been proving the critics wrong. But right now I’m here to tell about new things it has set up with maybe a few thoughts on the movie.

Okay So if you came here for my rating of the movie I would give it a 8/10 or an A tier.

Ight so rating out the way. First of all the Eternals sets up . . . well the Eternals. A group of beings made by celestials.

Who are the celestials???

These giant robot looking people who are gods.

The Eternals were made by them to fight the deviants.

The eternals are:

AJAK the leader.








and Phastos

So we have the gods of the MCU, the Eternals a new “superhero” team and deviants their monstrous enemies.

So now I will get into spoiler territory.

So at some point in the movie we learn that there are other Eternals than just the ones I listed above. So that leaves a spot for all new characters in new Marvel media to be Eternals.

Speaking of Eternals


Pip the Troll.

Not an Eternal, but is friends with one.

The real Eternal

Harry Styles as Starfox or Eros who is Thanos’s Brother.

Next in the second Post Credit Scene we have Black Knight

Then the last character the movie sets up is Blade who we don’t see, but we hear.

So those are the characters it sets up into the MCU.

If you want to check out some comics on the Eternals you can pick up Eternal: Cosmic Origins.

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