World Trigger: An Anime You’re Probably Sleeping On

World Trigger is an an anime that aired in 2014 and finished its season 1 in 2016. It took 5 years to get its season 2 this year and its 3rd season too.

wallpaper from wallpaperaccess

The premise of the show is pretty simple, but has room for more growth.

The animation is all right. Since it came out a while ago the animation isn’t top tier, but its solid and the second and third season have better animations.

The main con in the animation is the CGI on the Neighbors. It’s not really bad, but if you are one of those that hate all things CGI then you will probably hate it.

See. Not bad, but noticable.

Now on to some things I really like about the series.

1.) The power system

2.) Fights

This power system allows for very unique abilities per character and interesting usage of the abilities in combat.

With Season 1 having a 7.58 rating and Season 2 having a 8.09 it shows that this is a solid show that you need to watch.

You can pick up the full Blu-ray on Amazon.

Let me know what you think about the series and tell me some other anime you think people are sleeping on in the comments!

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