PETER DAVID AND GREG LAND DO THE TIME WARP AGAIN! After three sense-shattering series, Peter David, Greg Land, Jay Leisten and Frank D’Armata – the entire SYMBIOTE SPIDER-MAN crew – RETURN! This time, they’re taking Spider-Man down the road less traveled to the supremely psychedelic CROSSROADS DIMENSION! In their most ambitious series yet, the SYMBIOTE team puts Peter Parker and his alien costume on a collision course with none other than THE INCREDIBLE HULK, in a story set just before Peter David’s landmark run on the Hulk series!

The issue starts with us meeting a magician named Moondark. He gets approached by a lady in a strange dress and mysterious earrings who tells hem that she has a task for him.

We then see J. Jonah Jameson and some other people gathered at the white house waiting on the president. Spider-Man in a black symbiote suit web JJJ’s hand and tells him his mustache is crooked.

Security aims at Spider-Man, but he reveals that the President is actually the Chameleon and was tryna to poison JJJ. Spidey reveals that a friend told him that Chameleon was trying to poison JJJ. Spidey tells Chameleon that if he doesn’t tell him where the real president is he will die.

Spidey tells him to look down to find a laser on his chest. Spidey reveals that the Punisher is helping him. Chameleon gives up the location right away. Spidey and come security head out to find the real President.

JJJ thinks that Spidey was working with Chameleon like he usually does. Peter shows up with some picture to give Jameson then heads out almost immediately after. He goes to the roof to meet his girlfriend the black cat. We find out that the laser that we thought was Punisher was actually her. Spidey does a cool suit up and Felicia tells him that there is going to be a robbery from what she heard. Spidey is a little skeptical about the specifics of it.

We the see the magician Moondark from the beginning of the issue is attacking a security guard a museum with magic. Then Spidey appears and Moondark shoots magic. He thinks he got Spider-Man, but he gets sucker punched by the web-slinger. Spidey webs up his eyes so Moondark can’t see. Spider-Man hands over Moondark to the NYPD.

Moondark make the officers start shooting and he teleports out. He heads for an artifact before he gets attack by Black Cat. Moondark launches a giant magic tiger at Felicia then heads towards the Glow Stone. The stone rejects him and thinks is some kind of test. Felicia manages to “beat” the magic tiger.

Spidey reunites with Felicia to take down Moondark. Moondark tries to use the Glow Stone, but it doesn’t do anything. Spider-Man distracts him until the Security guard Moondark attacked earlier tasers him.

Spider-Man wonders why the Glow Stone didn’t work for Moondark, but Karnilla the norn queen shows up and tells him it requires a godly touch.

Karnilla takes the stone from Spidey and pushes him into a portal as he steals the stone back from her. In the portal is a weird looking purple dimension that has the Hulk standing there.

Then end of Issue.

Let me know what you thought about this issue and let me know what else you would like to see on this blog!

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