Should I Watch Tokyo Revengers?

Short Answer: Yes

Long Answer:

Tokyo Revengers Is a 24 episode anime that follows our protagonist Takemichi Hanagaki.

In Layman’s terms Takemichi is about to die, but ends up getting teleported 12 years exactly into the past where he is in middle school with his delinquent friends.

Here Is MyAnimeList’s Full Description:

So basically is trying to stop his ex/not ex-girlfriend from dying by going back in time. It may sound similar to other anime, but one thing that sets this apart is that he can’t go back past 12 years. What does that mean? Well if someone happens to die 12 years ago there is nothing Takemichi can do to save them. He can know beforehand if he goes to the future and learns about their death, but if they die when he is in the past, he can’t save them.

Tokyo Revengers also have many characters you will like. Mikey, Draken, Baji, Hinata, Chifuyu, etc. There are many characters that you end up getting attacked to and seeing different outcomes of them. Also Takemichi’s interaction with each character make you appreciate them more.

The setting is in middle school and usually that might sound boring, but there are gangs involved and lots of violence especially considering they are in middle school. There are many large scale gang fights and small one on one fights.

So a 24 episode anime with a unique twist on time travel, interesting characters, a solid of action, an amazing opening , and an 8.29 on MyAnimeList you should really enjoy this anime.

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