How To Start Reading Comics

So starting comics can be a jarring task, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are thousands upon thousands of comics so it’s not exactly easy to start, but it’s not hard.

So first choice is deciding which side you want to go to. The Light Side or the Dark Side

So DC or Marvel? Well most people usually already have a preference. If you don’t then to sum it up usually DC is more dark/grim and Marvel more light/happy. They are not always like that, but you can expect a lot of them to be that way.

So you have a side? Good! Next you are going to choose a character.

For Example DC the ones you might want to check out first are Batman, Superman, or maybe the Joker.

And For Marvel you might go for Spider-Man, Iron-Man, or Wolverine.

You don’t have to choose these, just choose your favorite from the franchise.

So you got your franchise and your character. Next you need to determine where you will read them.

We’ll start with marvel. You can read them on or on their app Marvel Unlimited. Or you can buy specific physical comics. You can get some random comics Here .

For DC you can use or their mobile app too. Or you can buy specific physical copies. You can get some random comics Here .

So side:




Your choice of viewing.


So you got the three things that are the start line into reading comics. Now all you gotta do is run. But how do you run? Well if you have a popular character all you have to do is look up the best comics about said character then start reading that line of comics.

If you chose a very niche character that no many people know about you can try to find the comics that feature them or just start with a different set of comics.

If you don’t have a specific character in mind then you can go with some of the popular non character focused ones. Like Secret Wars, Civil War, or Infinity Gauntlet.

For DC could go towards The Dark Knight Returns, or All Star Superman.

So now you have everything you need to start reading comics. After you’re done with the ones you started off on you can just go from character to character or from event to events.

And thats how you start reading comics. Not so hard is it? Let me know who your favorite characters are an which comics you read. Also make sure to follow to stay updated.


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