THEN! . . . Peter Parker spent a lifetime living up to the responsibilities his powers foisted upon him but his Amazing story finally ended dramatically in the historic Spider-Man #700. NOW! . . . The new Amazing Spider-Man has arrived and he is better in every single way. Smarter, stronger . . . Superior.

I’ve covered The Superior Iron Man, so I had to cover Superior Spider Man. This will be a longer review, but an interesting one regardless.

The issue starts with Doctor Octopus inside Peter Parker’s body. He looks down on his own grave telling us how he wasted it on evil. Then he accepts his new life as Parker then swings off to fight crime.

He goes to fight the Sinister Six that consist of Speed Demon, Shocker, Living Brain, Beetle, Overdrive, and Boomerang. Doc Oc isn’t impressed by this Six’s lineup.

Oc takes out one, but ends up getting barraged by Speed Demon’s hits. He then retreats. Boomerang throws an exploding boomerang that is about to hit a cop, but Oc protects the officer.

Oc and Boomerang get in a fight.

Oc scratches boomerang with built in claws then the Six retreat. The cop thanks Spider-Man for saving him. Oc asks the cop to let him have the robot he took down from the six. The cop complies and tells him that they’ll send it over when they are done with it.

Back at Horizon Labs where Peter worked at, he starts working on The Living Brain to access its files on the Sinister Six. His boss Max is concerned about Peter making so many weapons for Spider-Man, but Oc sweet talks his way out of it.

Then MJ calls “Oc” to make sure their date is still on. He reviews that he is monitoring the Sinister Six during their date.

He tells her that when he scratched boomerang he injected him with lots of nano-spider tracers so he could hear them and know their location.

The Sinister Six attack try to infiltrate horizon labs to steal a gadget that’s there. They try to be as quick as possible, but Superior Spider-Man is there despite how fast they were.

Speed Demon tries to hit Spider-Man, but Oc layed down some instant frictionless surface beforehand to counter Speed Demon. Speed Demon falls down and bruises his trachea as a result. Then Oc activates a power dampening field that stops Shocker’s gauntlets and beetles strength.

He takes out the most of the Six . Then press comes to film and watch Spider-Man face Boomerang.

He’s about to kill Boomerang’s right before a ghostly version of the real Peter Parker stops him without him knowing.

Let me know what you thought about Doc Oc being in Peter Parker’s body and becoming the Superior Spider-Man.

Also let me know what other series you would like me to cover whether it is comics or anime related.

Stay tuned for the next Review!

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