SUPERIOR IRON MAN IS DEAD! LONG LIVE SUPERIOR IRON WOMAN! A surprising betrayal! An epic battle Could this end in the death of the TONY STARK we know and love?

It’s time for the ending of a Superior era. How will all of this madness play out? tune in to find out.

It starts with a conflict between Superior Iron Man and Old Tony’s mind in an army of Iron Man suits.

The battle continues then Superior Iron Man finds out where Tony’s mind is housed. Superior Iron Man try’s to get them away from his tower so the don’t destroy anything, but Old Tony just ends up shooting the tower .

Then a bigger suit appears to fight Superior Iron Man on the Golden Gate Bridge. Superior Iron Man tries to head away from there, but pepper in an Iron Man suit comes to stop him.

Superior Iron Man gets mad that Old Tony built her a new suit.

Pepper then uses a sound attack to separate Superior Iron Man from his endo-sym armor.

Back at resilient Pepper and old Tony try to find a solution as on what to do with Superior Iron Man. Old Tony catches Superior Iron Man smirking and knows he’s up to something.

Superior Iron Man put a virus in the systems that would shut down every trace of Old Tony. Old Tony attacks Superior Iron Man, but Pepper stops him. Superior Tony ends up trapping his Old mind and is about to walk away right before Jamie stops him and takes the hard drive back.

The endo-sym armor charges in and covers Superior Iron Man then he tells Jamie that his mother is actually alive and just regained consciousness yesterday.

Jamie transforms to his human form after hearing the news. Pepper then attacks Superior Iron Man, but we found out that his suit doesn’t actually have a sound weakness, he just let Pepper take him in so he could wipe Old Tony’s mind.

Pepper realized she let To y become what he feared most and couldn’t stop him completely, but she does use her influence to have everyone turn against Tony, so he no longer is the hero in everyone’s eyes.

That’s it! That’s the end of the Superior Iron Man(2014-2015) line. Let me know what you thought about this story and what you would like me to check out next.

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