A phantom from Tony’s past is back to haunt
him. It’s Iron Man versus Iron Man but who or what is in Tony’s old armor?

The series is coming to an end how do you think the final showdown will end?

The story starts with Pepper and Jamie talking about her being his step-mom. They get interrupted by Tony on the screen. He claims to be the “real” Tony, but we know it’s the Superior Iron Man.

Then another Tony backup in an older suit appears. Superior Tony accuses Backup Tony of being an imposter, but Backup Tony explains that a piece of the endo-sym armor infiltrated the suit.

Then after a little more arguing Superior Tony heads out of the Satellite. He sends a city wide booty call through the Extremis app so he has time to prepare to fight Old Tony, but that also give Old Tony time to prepare too.

After partying Superior Tony starts on his plan. Jamie accidentally breaks the bed he was sleeping in and says that he never really felt like he was in the right body before.

Pepper gets a call from Superior Tony telling her to pass on a message to Backup Tony. We find out that Superior Tony plans to use bio-mark-one which lets Tony take control of civilians.

Superior Tony thinks he has Backup Tony pinned, but Backup Tony calls an army of different Iron Man suits to help him.

The Iron Man suits evacuate all the civilians then start attacking Superior Iron Man, but he shows us his newest invention.

My thoughts: I like the back and forth between Old and New Tony and all the different suits in action. Also we see just how far Superior Tony will go to protect himself.

Let me know what you thought about this issue and how you feel about the back and forth between the two Tony’s.

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