While Stark’s wealth and influence is
increasing across the globe, it could all still be undone by the ultimate betrayal. One of Tony’s closest friends is working against him. She can see what he is becoming and is determined to prevent him from slipping even further. The Superior Iron Man could end at the hands of…. Pepper Potts!

Things are getting juicy as we get closer to the ending. We get to see more of Pepper’s plans of stoping the corrupted Tony. Let’s just jump right into in!

It starts with is finding out that the Iron Man suit is actually Tony’s mind from eight years ago used as a backup in case His mind ever did go corrupted.

The backup Stark mind says he’s gonna replace the new Stark. The endo-sym armor starts chasing the old iron man suit that has captured Tony’s body.

Old Tony flies into space where the Endo-Sym armor wasn’t meant to go so he loses it. Old Tony goes into a Satellite where he can communicate with Pepper.

On earth Pepper traps Jamie, but let’s him go after he agrees to be peaceful. She tells him that Tony’s mind has been corrupted and that she is working to save him.

Old Tony enters new Tony’s mind while a piece of the endo-sym armor crawls up the Iron Man suit. We enter Tony’s mind and we don’t see anything too sinister.

New Tony tells us his plan to “save the world” and of course old Tony disagrees with his methods and before the conversion ends the endo-sym armor makes his way into Old Tony’s mind, destroying it.

My thoughts: I like how Tony put in a contingency plan in case his mind got corrupted, but of course if anyone can stop a contingency plan it’s Tony Stark. I also like how the endo-sym armor acts like a real symbiote.

Let me know what you thought about this chapter in the comments below.

Also let me know which comic you want me to check out and ways to improve on these.

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