What shocking revelations have left TONY
STARK reeling? Will PEPPER POTTS turn her
back on Tony for good? The impossible is
working against him. Doubt is creeping in. His history is uncertain…and his future has just been complicated by another ghost of the past.

Will we finally find out who is the person opposing The Superior Iron Man in this chapter? Let’s find out in the new Comic Spotlight for Superior Iron #6.

The issue starts with Stark talking to General Daly about new weapon plans that he is going to sell. There are 3 envelopes one in English while the other two are in Russian and Chinese.

Pepper and the man in the old Iron Man suit notice that 200 billion dollars was just deposited into Stark’s bank account. The masked man has an idea of what Stark is going to do with it. Next we see Stark in a business meeting.

Suddenly everyone in the room gets a phone call. Tony tells them not to answer it as he already knows what’s happening. He says all of their business partners are gonna tell them to sell.

Tony says that he is gonna buy everything that they have, the hearts and minds of their customers, their networks, their papers, etc. Tony pisses off one of the members and gets security called on him. Abomination throws the table out the window and that causes security to shoot. Tony then calls his suit.

Tony tries to threaten Gerald into accepting his deal, but Pepper steps in and tells Tony she bought 54% of the company. They then go to resilient to talk. She also admits that she is scared of Tony in his suit. They go into an elevator where Tony tells Pepper that Jamie is the son of her ex Happy.

Pepper flies out then an Iron Man suit attacks Jamie and then we get to see the inside of the suit.

My thoughts: I think that either an old Tony Stark mind is controlling the suit to try and get his body back.

Let me know what you thought about this chapter down in the comments below and what comic you want to see next.

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