THE SECRET ORIGIN OF TEEN ABOMINATION. TONY STARK’S actions of the past come back to hurt him in the present. Has his negligence bred monsters? And will those monsters destroy him?

Looks like we will get some backstory on Teen Abomination and how he came to be. Well let’s get right into it.

It starts with Tony testing on a tied up Teen Abomination in a lab. He injects a needle into Abomination’s arm which makes him angry so he breaks out of the table and attacks Tony. Tony threatens him by saying he should direct aggression towards someone with infinite resources and found out how to penetrate his unstabbable skin.

Tony starts a DNA scan in Abomination then asks him to tell his origins. Jamie(Abomination) says his mom was a scientist, but now is dead. We find out she was badly injured in a gamma experiment that was suppose to treat cancer. Tony vaguely remembers the day and how he was busy living the double life of Tony and Iron Man. He then says that same day was the day Black lama returned.

We see that during that fight Black lama lost his mind similar to how Tony’s mind now making him evil. Tony ended up beating Black lama but in nearly killed him and he couldn’t remember what happened after the fight. Then we get a couple of panels of Jamie thinking Tony was fighting an actual llama.

Then we figure out that Jamie turned into the giant green monster 2 weeks ago. He was getting beat up by some kids for his skateboard. His mom is worried about him and tells him he should “be a little bit more like them” Jamie asks for a new skateboard, but his mom says they don’t have money as seen when she gets a past due invoice.

Jamie gets angry while his mom tries to calm him down, but he transforms into his hulk like form causing an explosion killing his mother.

The DNA scan is complete and we learn that Jamie’s father is Harold Hogan aka Happy, but he is dead. Tony decides to help Jamie get his human form back since he was close to Happy.

Then Tony tries to access security footage from December 17th eight years ago, but all files were deleted from that day.

My thoughts: We see a more softer side of Tony in this chapter and we now know how Teen Abomination came to be. I like it because we get to see Happy and how Tony actually cared for him too.

Let me know what you thought of it in the comments below.

Also let me know what other comic you want me to do a Comic Spotlight on.

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