discovers the secret to TONY’S success! How
far will Tony go to stop MATT MURD0CK from revealing this shocking secret to the world? As Tony’s actions become even more
questionable, who will conspire to take him
down, leading up to the battle you thought
you’d never see?

The 4th Comic Spotlight for Superior Iron Man is here. Last issue had Daredevil gain and lose his eyesight in a sad way. Let’s see what happens next.

Issue 4 starts with Tony starring in a show he is talking about the Extremis app which he gives the entire studio he’s near a free day. He explains how the price of the app causes some problems for some people, but he has a solution.

He made drones that will patrol the entire area of San Francisco. They have everyone’s data, location, and basically anything they need to know.

We see Daredevil on a rooftop questioning his memory. A drone flys up to him and identifying him as Matt Murdock. Matt destroys it and another comes to tell him he is being charged for destroying the first one, but Matt destroys that one too.

Back on the news show Tony shows off the new drones and says that between privacy and the lives of the citizens that there is no real choice. He says that this will make people who can’t afford Extremis work harder so they can. He then has to head out because Teen Abomination has been spotted.

Maria Hill makes a visit to have a talk with Tony about his recent actions. We find out that Tony completely cleared Teen Abomination of his warrant. He also tells Maria that if she continues he will embarrass her. Tony then gives Abomination some house rules and then we see Daredevil walk into Stark Tower.

We learn that the Extremis is virus that is already in people and the app is the trigger. Abomination then charges at Matt and sends him flying out the window. Tony sends his armor to catch and capture Matt. Tony then says he’s gonna strap Matt to a table and remove some of his memories.

Tony then proceeds to erase Matt’s memory. Matt wakes up in a hospital bed next to Tony telling him he took a nasty him from a monster that lives in his house. The comic finish’s with Tony telling him “you’re in safe hands”

My thoughts: Now we are seeing the more twisted side of Superior Iron Man and I love it. Matt ended up losing, but there is still hope of taking down Superior Iron Man.

Let me know what you think about this chapter and let me know what I can do to improve on these Spotlights in the comics below.

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