THE LAST TEMPTATION OF MATT MURDOCK – After the life-changing events of issue #2, MATT MURDOCK is faced with an impossible choice. – Will DAREDEVIL rebel or will he buy into TONY STARK’S vision? – Can nothing stop the SUPERIOR IRON MAN’S non-stop party? You’ll be surprised at who wants to crash it!

Welcome back to another Superior Iron Man Comic Spotlight. The issue for today is issue number 3. Well let’s get strait into it.

It starts with Tony talking to Matt about his newly acquired eyesight. Tony explains how he used a strain of the Extremis virus to temporarily repair Daredevil’s eyes. To no surprise he is trying to get Matt addicted to the app, but Matt sees through it instantly. Tony snaps a little and explains that he wasn’t playing God he was playing human.

We then see Pepper talking to someone in an old Iron Man suit. They are formulating a plan to take down Tony.

We then see She-Hulk call Tony to tell him Teen Abomination has escaped and heading for him. Tony then punches Matt and tells him to consider his deal. Matt makes a phone call then we see Teen Abomination on a rampage waiting for Tony to appear.

Tony arrives in time to catch two people in a falling helicopter caused by Teen Abomination. He then drops them in the water.

Tony then attacks Teen Abomination and asks him what he wants.

Abomination says he’s just 13 and tried Extremis and it didn’t work. Tony let’s Abomination off the hook and tells him to clean up his mess and he’ll look into the Extremis problem. The issue ends with Matt going to see Foggy right before his vision leaves him again.

My thoughts: I like this chapter because we see how far Tony will go to make everyone addicted to the app. We also see how Pepper and our other hero behind the old Iron Man suit are formulating a plan to take down Superior Iron Man.

Let me know what you thought about this chapter and also any specific comic you want me to check out.

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