THE SUPERIORITY COMPLEX! – TONY STARK has transformed SAN FRANCISCO . . . into the prototype for his NEW WORLD concept – But MATT MURDOCK isn’t down with Tony’s new vision – Can DAREDEVIL lead the rebellion against THE SUPERIOR IRON MAN?

Here is the second Comic Spotlight for Superior Iron Man. This one will cover issue #2. I won’t hold you any longer, so let’s begin.

The chapter begins with Daredevil telling us how Stark made the Extremis app and gave it to everyone for free as a taste so when he ripped it away people became desperate. He catches a kid trying to rob a woman for money so he could use the app. The woman takes a picture of the kid and runs off.

Daredevil decides to have a word with Tony. It ends with Tony choking and throwing Daredevil into the water.

Daredevil is a little frightened by being in the water because it throws off his senses making it harder for him to “see”. He manages to swim to the surface. We see Tony clown Daredevil to his party guests. Tony then says he will be traveling and while he is anyone in his close radius will be able to use the app for free for the next 24 hours.

We then see Iron Man in the streets surrounded by a giant crowd of people who are all stepping over each other to be in range of Tony. Then a troubling father confronts Tony and pulls a gun on him

No surprise the shot doesn’t kill Tony. He flys the man into the sky and starts to make a deal with him. Daredevil was in the crowd so he ended up hearing Tony’s deal with the man. We then see Daredevil enter Stark tower and see Tony in a vulnerable state. He questions why it was so easy to get to Tony, but takes Tony regardless.

He takes him to a pitch black secluded place where Tony would be totally disconnected from all sources of technology. Tony then call forths his symbiotic armore that doesn’t require a signal since it’s linked to his brain. We then see Daredevil in a doctors bed and Tony sitting in a chair and shockingly Matt can see now.

My thoughts: I really like that Daredevil is being the hero of this story and how he is outmatched, but still trying his best to figure everything out.

Let me know what you thought about this issue and how you feel about Daredevil vs The Superior Iron Man. Also let me know which comic I should cover next.

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