In this Comic Spotlight I will be covering the Superior Iron Man comic series from 2014-2015. I will cover issue number 1. I will tell a summary of the issue and some thoughts on it. So without further ado let’s get into it.

Issue #1

The issue starts by explaining how Tony became more sinister since his battle with a psychic powered Red Skull.

The pages has Tony tell us about the extremis virus 3.0 that will transform us into the very best version of ourselves. He is using his Model 42 armor flying through the city while everyone is excited to see him. He sees she-hulk in a battle and asks who she is battles and she says Teen Abomination. Tony then clowns him for choosing that name. Teen Abomination knocks off Tony’s head just to find out the suit doesn’t have Tony in it. Teen Abomination is saddened by this since he wanted Tony’s attention.

The suit then slams it’s helmet against Teen Abomination’s head very hard knocking him out. She hulk is a little mad at how hard he hit Teen Abomination and how he didn’t tell her that he wasn’t in the suit.

It switches to Tony’s POV and we see he is chilling in a pool at some resort surrounded by women. Pepper shows up to have a word with him. She notices that he is drinking and he replies that he has to make up for all the year he was sober. He then goes to explain how his newest suit the Endo-Sym Armor is full liquid smart metal and has a bonding process that was extracted from a symbiote so the process is entirely psionic.

She then explains how the extremis app is causing some big issues. We then see Daredevil fending off some people harassing a civilian for not using the app. Tony then cancels the extremis app causing everyone to go back to their original bodies and charging everyone $99.99 a day to feel “perfection”.

After that it shows Pepper talking to a shadowy figure telling them how Tony said his biggest fear was his mind being taken and how that nightmare has came true. The shadow figure is then revealed to be one of iron man’s earlier armors.

This is the end of the issue and sets up the rest of the plot. I really enjoyed this issue since it has Tony playing bad guy and a very cool new suit of armor.

Let me know what you thought about this issue and Comic Spotlight in the comments below. Let me know how I can improve on making these Spotlights better.

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