So with the new (and poorly timed) release of nickelodeon all star brawl there are some things things that are going to need some fine tuning. So I decided to make a short list of some things that either need to be worked on or fixed or removed altogether. So lets just get strait into it.

1.) Frame Data

So this game has majority of the characters in this game have fast frame data. Which means even strong hitting attacks are almost as fast as the light moves. Which means it is harder to punish strong attacks that kill you easy. For example Toph’s down and Neutral Strong attacks cover a very large distance and area around her, but have very fast frame data and can be spammed with very little repercussions. Once they fix frame data on the characters balance should be a lot easier.


In terms of quantity they have a stage per character, so very good, but almost every stage has stage hazards. That means that a lot of stages have moving platforms and other stage hazards with the catch that you can’t turn them off. This is bad because if you want to play in a competitive environment you are limited to just a few stages.

3.)Amount of Characters

The roster for All Star Brawl is decent, but when smash is your main competitor and most games having a high roster count, the 20 character roster isn’t going to cut it. Don’t get me wrong the characters they chose are good, but 20 compared the 80+ smash roster just doesn’t compare. If they can raise character count to around 50 characters it can make a solid roster. But for know I will say only having 20 can make the game go stale fast.


THERE ARE NONE. I know it’s not suppose to be smash, but it needs something to compete with smash and not having items is not helping. They have enough source material to use to make items. You could have Gary, or Ol’ Reliable from spongebob. Whatever they add it will help with making the game feel more “whole”.

5.)Voice Acting

The lack of voice acting makes the battles feel incomplete. No voicing on taunts or the end screen just doesn’t feel right. It feels empty almost like it lost in character and emotion. This is something that would be a little harder to do because they would have to contact every person individually to do the voice lines for each character, but the reward will well be worth the effort.

6.) Overall Game feel

There are a few thing in the gameplay that should be addressed. First the lack of a side special is kinda odd as that means that characters only have 3 special move instead of the usual 4. This is something that probably won’t be changed which is a shame as it would make the characters feel more complete.

Second lack of dodge/roll. The is a shield and grab button, but no way to roll or air dodge. This means that when two players are fighting and they both shield it’s an awkward staring contest on who will let down their guard and attack first which feels a lot worse than smash’s side rolls.

Projectiles seem pretty strong in this game. Most character can spam projectiles without many end lag frames or the move staling out. And with a lack of dodging and air dodging it can make fighting against projectiles feel very annoying pair that up with some projectiles that are harder to see like toph’s neutral special it make for a very unfun match.

Lastly there seems to be this weird mechanic where some hits will just make your enemy dizzy/trip it isn’t explained in-game so I don’t know what exactly it does or what causes it, but I know that having a move be completely unregistered is one of the most frustrating things in the game.

7.) Game Additions

There a few things that should be added to the game to bring quality of life changes.

Number one, add a character select option in custom lobbies. If you get done with your match and want to change character you must go back to the lobby and start a new match just to change character. It should have an option where it takes you strait to character select screen instead.

Number two, character color options. In smash there are color variants that you can choose for your personal style and to tell yourself apart from the enemy. This game has none of that. They should add at least 4 different basic color schemes for each character.

Number 3, Final Destination and Battlefield stages. In smash every stage has an omega and battlefield stage which are meant for a more competitive feel free of hazards and asymmetrical unfairness. All Stars has nothing of the sorts. Meaning either fight on maps with hazards or play the very few maps that have the competitiveness to them.


Overall All stars is a solid game, but it’s missing a lot that could make it a good game. Lots of stuff is smash related, but that is its main competitor and inspiration, so it’s gonna have to take some notes if it wants to be as successful and popular as smash. If everything I mentioned gets fixed I would give it a 9/10, but as it stands Imma have to give it a 6/10 as of right now.

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