Anime Recommendation: Inuyashiki

Here is my first anime recommendation. As part of this recommendation I will give MyAnimeList’s synopsis, two reasons why I recommend it, a scene or two that I enjoyed (SPOILERS!!) , then a Crunchyroll or other streaming service link, and finally something you can buy related to the anime.




So in this scene the character know as Hiro Shishigami walks into a strangers house and murders the mother in the kitchen. He then moves the the bathroom where the father is giving his baby son a bath. Hiro then has a conversation with the father that ends in the father to at least spare his baby son, but no surprise he doesn’t, so he kills the dad which makes his dead body fall on the baby which ends up drowning the little kid.

Then the high school daughter comes home and finds her mother’s murdered body in the kitchen. A few seconds later Hiro shows up and confronts the girl. He ends up asking her about the manga One Piece which ends up in a small conversation all while she is still scarred and crying from seeing her dead mother. She then asks Hiro if he at least sparred her baby brother and with the most emotionless expression and voice he says no. She tries to run, but ends up dead.

Terrifying scene and actually the scene that got me to watch this anime.


Watch Here


MyAnimeList Link


And Last

Buy the manga here

<a href=”http://<a target=”_blank” href=”″>Inuyashiki 1Inuyashiki

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