Gamers: A Beginner’s Guide

Story Amani Keita is approached by Tendou Karen in a video game store(Basically GameStop) and she sees that he is interested in games just like […]

Arms Around You: My JoJo Stand

Here is my fan made stand Arms Around You(Song by XXXtentacion and Lil Pump) Stats: Power: B Speed: C Range: Unlimited Durability: A Precision: D […]

The Perfect Sports Anime Game

Let me pitch you another perfect anime game, but this time in the theme of sports. This game is highly unlikely to every exist, but […]

5 Scariest Mieruko-chan ghosts

So Mieruko-chan has been a bit of a surprise as it has horror aspects, but functions more of a comedy. The “ghosts” are very creepy […]

5 Anime You Can Finish In A Day

Watching some anime can be a big time commitment, so I’m gonna give you 5 anime that you can watch in a day. These anime […]

The Perfect Anime Game.

So what if I told you I thought about the perfect anime game and that it’s possible to make. You might believe me you might […]

5 Anime To Watch If You Love Guns

Some people are gun fanatics’. Me personally I like guns, but I’m not the most knowledgeable. Now I may not know everything there is to […]

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